Invisalign FAQ’s

  • What is involved at the free consultation?

For more information on free tooth straightening consultations please read here.

  • What are Invisalign records?

Invisalign records are digital impressions/scans of your teeth, photographs, and jaw x-rays. From these records we create a treatment plan for straightening your teeth. These records are $550. $250 from these records will be credited to your treatment should you decide to proceed.

  • What is a Clincheck plan?

Clincheck software has been developed by Align Technology to allow a 3D simulated movie of your teeth movement from their current position to the ideal finish position. The Clincheck treatment plan can be developed with the records above. Once a Clincheck plan has been established, we are able to work out the timing of treatment, Invisalign package and any teeth requiring attachments, interproximal reduction (IPR) – or smoothing between teeth and any potential cosmetic improvements.

  • How long does the plan take to develop?

Most commonly we will have your treatment plan and consent form ready between three to four weeks from taking your records. This will vary depending on the complexity of your treatment and how many other cases Invisalign is developing is at the time your records are submitted.

  • What are attachments?

Your plan may include SmartForce attachments which are small tooth-coloured shapes attached to your teeth. The attachments act as handles to help the aligners make complex movements without the need for braces. They are barely noticeable especially from conversation distance. If attachments are required, they will be placed at the start of your treatment and then removed when no longer needed.

  • When do I need to pay the deposit?

Your aligners will not be ordered until the deposit has been paid in full and the consent form signed. You can pay the deposit anytime from being shown your treatment plan and given the consent form. The sooner the deposit is paid the sooner your aligners will be ordered. After six months your records will need to be repeated as your teeth may have moved and a new Clincheck plan will be made at a fee.

  • How long will my aligners take to arrive?

Currently, aligners are taking one to two weeks to arrive after ordering. Aligner shipping times became very slow with shipping issues due to Covid-19, but they have improved since. If your aligners arrive before your next booked appointment, subject to our appointment availability we may be able to bring your appointment forward.

  • What happens if I decide not to fully complete the treatment? (e.g., after 6 months I am happy enough with the progress and do not want to get to the end). 

This is not recommended as often the teeth are in a less stable position if part way through the treatment. However, if you did decide you wanted to stop treatment early, we would get you to sign a disclaimer, and we would work out an arrangement for removal of the attachments and the remaining treatment fees.

  • What do people usually say about discomfort?

This is subjective to the individual. Some will find they have very minimal discomfort and others will notice it a bit more. Typically, Invisalign is less uncomfortable when compared with braces as it has small regular movements each time you change an aligner. When you first start treatment, you may develop some ulcers, but they should clear within a week or so.

  • How long should it take to adjust to wearing the aligners?

It will take a few days to adjust to wearing the aligners and taking them in/out. Some people can have a bit of lispy speech for a few days but the better you are at wearing aligners the quicker you will adjust.

  • How long should I wear my aligners?

Aligners should be worn for 22 hours of the day. This means you should wear them all the time except when eating and drinking. Cold water is fine. Aligners are normally changed every one to two weeks depending on your individual treatment.

  • How often will I have an appointment?

Typically, appointments will normally be every three to six weeks apart. There may be some stages that we need to see you more or less frequently depending on your individual plan.

  • What if I move away from Wellington during my treatment?

If you are still in New Zealand, we may be able to time appointments around potential scheduled visits to Wellington. This potentially could increase your overall treatment time. If this is not suitable, your case could be transferred to an alternative Invisalign provider, but this may incur additional fees from that provider. If you plan to move shortly, you are best to wait and start treatment in your new location.

  • What are additional aligners?

Your Clincheck plan is only a simulation of the movements of the teeth and does not always express biologically (i.e., some of your teeth may not move as fast as an ‘average’ tooth). To continue heading towards the simulated position, many people will need orders of extra aligners after completing their first order. The number of additional aligner orders available will vary depending on the Invisalign package you are doing and generally does not increase the cost.