EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy

AIRFLOW® treatment is called Guided Biofilm Therapy. This treatment uses air, water and a fine powder with antibacterial properties to disrupt the dental biofilm (sticky layer of bacteria) and remove calculus, plaque and stain to improve your oral health.

The AIRFLOW® powder contains a range of ingredients but two of the most important are Chlorhexidine and Erythritol. Chlorhexidine is a well-known antibacterial agent which is often used as a mouthwash, especially after a tooth extraction, gum issues or after gum treatment. It is a great ingredient to reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and intern it will help to improve gum issues and plaque build up. The next ingredient is Erythritol, Erythritol is a natural sweetener (but don’t worry, it won’t contribute to causing decay). It is a very fine powder, with a granule-metric size of only 14μm if you’re wanting to know the specifics!! The finely grained powder is a great benefit in dentistry as it is a very minimally-abrasive method to effectively remove biofilm whilst leaving the gums, enamel, exposed root surface, filling and crown margins intact and undamaged.  

Unfortunately, AIRFLOW® does not remove the need for your usual hygiene treatments, it is an extra treatment at the beginning of your hygiene appointment. AIRFLOW® at the beginning of your treatment will often make the rest of your hygiene treatment slightly easier as the stubborn calculus will have been softened due to the Guided Biofilm Therapy.

AIRFLOW® is very effective at treating gum issues associated with dental implants, some gum swellings, gingivitis and periodontal disease. It is also effective at removing plaque and stain around heavily restored teeth, bridges, orthodontic appliances, crown margins and composite fillings.

AIRFLOW® is also fantastic at removing stubborn stain without causing damage to any hard tissue. Today, we see a lot of wear (erosion and abrasion) on teeth, so to be able to remove stain without contributing to the wear of the enamel and root surface is invaluable. If you are someone with wear (erosion/abrasion) on your teeth and you also have a lot of stain, you are probably already aware we do not always remove all the stain as it would require using a very gritting dental paste. AIRFLOW® is now a great way to combat all of this!

We are so excited to be able to offer our patients this treatment. If you wish to discuss it further, please send us an email or speak to Rachael or Lynie at your next dental hygiene maintenance appointment.