What to expect at your Free Tooth Straightening Consultation

What to expect at your Free Tooth Straightening Consultation

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth but want to know a few more details before proceeding with treatment? You’re in luck! McKeefry Dental offers free tooth straightening consultations for both braces and Invisalign.

Before your appointment

We will send you a welcoming email advising how you can find us. There is a link in this email to a New Patient form. Please spend a few minutes filling this form out and then you can email it back to us prior to your appointment. Alternatively, we have copies of the form you can fill out at McKeefry Dental on the day.

On the day of your appointment

If you haven’t filled out the New Patient form, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to do so. Our reception staff are happy to assist you in completing the form if required. If you have already filled out your forms, please arrive about 5 minutes before your appointment so reception can ensure we have your details correct. Remember parking in the city can be difficult so please allow enough time to find a park if you are travelling by car.

During your appointment

Angela or Sally will spend a few minutes asking you what it is that concerns you about the position of your teeth. The reason we ask this is so we can ensure that any treatments we may offer will correct these issues for you.

We will then look at your teeth and the way they bite together. At this time we may do a quick assessment of your teeth to see what the general condition is such as; any obvious holes, wisdom teeth, wear of your teeth, as all of these conditions may impact on tooth straightening treatments. We allow up to 15 minutes for this free consultation; it is not a full exam. We provide a separate 45 minute appointment for a New Patient Examination to thoroughly check the condition of your mouth and teeth. If you want a full examination then we recommend that you book in for one where we can also discuss tooth straightening options during that appointment.

Around 75% of cases can be treated by us without having to refer to a specialist. We can determine if you are one of these cases at your free consultation. We can also ascertain your suitability for Invisalign vs braces and give you an idea of costs and time frames and what the treatment may involve.

For information on the next steps and an overview of our “Quick Start Ortho” systems please read here. Otherwise, if you have any questions about our free tooth straightening consultation please email reception@mckeefrydental.co.nz or call 04 473 7802.

Click here to book a free tooth straightening consultation (if you’re not sure about Invisalign or braces).

Click here to book a free Invisalign consultation.


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