Youth Dental Treatment

At McKeefry Dental we provide our leading general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services to school aged children.

We offer our own in-house discount scheme for younger school aged children, between 2 to 12 years of age.  For older school aged children and as part of the Government dental scheme, we provide, free of charge, core dental services (detailed below).

Dental Treatment:  2 – 12 Years of Age

McKeefry Dental is pleased to offer a 25% discount to any child within this age group, for the following dental treatments:

  • Check-ups
  • Cleans; and
  • Standard dental x-rays

Dental Treatment:  13 – 17 Years of Age

Furthermore, and as part of the Government dental scheme, we can provide, free of charge, the following core dental services to any child 13 to 17 years of age:

  • An annual full exam
  • Standard dental x-rays; and
  • Amalgam fillings

Once your child has turned 18 years of age, they are not eligible for free dental treatment.

Additional Dental Services

There are services that the Government does not cover and on certain occasions these may be recommended for your daughter/son.  These include:

  • A composite (tooth coloured) filling
  • An appointment with our dental hygienist who will give your daughter/son a thorough clean, to further improve their oral hygiene
  • Specific high-care dental products

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about our youth dental treatment services and/or Government funding support please Contact Us.