What to do if you have a braces emergency?

What to do if you have a braces emergency?

Just a brief note wishing you a Merry Christmas and to discuss holiday emergencies.

Our clinic will close at 3.30pm on Friday 22nd of December and will re-open 8.00am Monday 8th January.

Orthodontics/braces are somewhat tricky over the holidays as most general dentists are not equipped to help with difficulties with braces.

With regards to problems with braces, the only things which are emergencies are the ones which cause you pain.  Everything else can wait for a few days/weeks. Below are common braces problems with solutions.

What to do in a Braces Emergency? | Angela McKeefry Dental

Broken bracket

  • Put wax (or blue tac) on any sharp edges and schedule an appointment for when we re-open.

Detached bracket

  • Just leave it mobile on the wire and we can re-bond it next time we see you.

Lost ‘O’ ring or wire tie around a bracket

  • Try not to play with it.  We can fix it when we see you next.

Loose or detached metal band from around a back tooth

  • Try not to play with it.  If very loose see if you can pull it out and then keep safe for next visit.

Sharp wire poking into gum

  • See if you can bend it out of the way.  If not and you have some wire cutters, you could try and snip it to stop it cutting you. Try putting wax (or blue tac) on the end of the sharp wire. If not, then call our afterhours number.

Basically, if anything breaks, comes loose or out, don’t worry too much, just make an appointment with us in January for us to fix it.

Contact the friendly front desk team on (04) 473 7802