Smile Gallery

All before and after treatment photos used on this website are of our own patients (with their consent) and of treatment carried out by us.

Case 1: Raewyn Buck

Raewyn had always hated her crooked and discoloured teeth. She also wanted to protect them into the future. Initially, Raewyn had a hygiene appointment. Next we placed a combination of porcelain crowns on some back teeth and ultimate aesthetic composite veneers on the front top teeth. The bottom front teeth had intermediate composite veneers placed on them and most of her amalgam fillings were changed to composite. This was achieved in seven appointments over six weeks.

Dream Makeover Winner - Raewyn Buck



"Dear Angela and team, thank you so much for all the wonderful teeth you have given me. I can't tell you how much this means to me, it's something I've wanted for such a long time."  Raewyn Buck

Case 2
This patient didn’t like the discolouration and alignment of her front four top teeth. We placed porcelain crowns on the right side and porcelain veneers on the left. Treatment was accomplished in three appointments over a month.


Case 3

This patient was very unhappy with her front teeth, both top and bottom. She hated that they were so crooked and as this had been due to previous trauma, every time she looked in the mirror, it brought back bad memories. We placed 12 porcelain crowns over two treatment appointments and two planning appointments.


"I absolutely love my new teeth - they have made me feel like a million dollars. Something as simple as having beautiful white straight teeth has done wonders for how I feel about myself. I have also had a lot of comments from my friends about my new teeth too! Apparently my "whole face is shining" now. I have told them all about you too and how you and your staff made me feel." Ann

Case 4


A solution was wanted for the discoloured right front top tooth. We did internal bleaching over two appointments and achieve a perfect colour match.

Case 5

This patient wanted his two unsightly front crowns replaced, which was done in two appointments, over a fortnight.


“Extremely happy with the look of the replacement crowns.”  Graham Tattersall

Case 6

This patient came in with a major decay problem with contributing lifestyle factors. Initially all the decay was removed and restored and the patient was placed on a regular hygiene and decay prevention program. Ultimately 10 porcelain crowns were placed.


Case 7

This patient was unhappy with the discolouration of the old composites on her front teeth and the general colour of her natural teeth. She had tooth whitening done and then 13 crowns.


Case 8:  Janet Fiolitakis

Jan has suffered from previous gum disease which had lead to her front teeth drifting and her gum shrinking back. There were also some very old restorations on her front teeth which had discoloured. 10 upper front ultimate aesthetic composite veneers were placed to straighten, whiten, re-shape and close gaps. This took one planning appt and one treatment appointment.



"Thank you Angela for my new Smile. I was amazed - the results surpassed my wildest expectations. I feel like a new person now with renewed self esteem. I no longer have to keep my mouth shut to hide my ugly teeth. I have more confidence to talk to people and have no worries when I smile anymore, it just comes naturally. I want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of bright colourful (vibrant) clothes to go with my lovely new white teeth as now I will have the courage to wear them!"  Jan Fiolitakis

Case 9

This patient absolutely hated her teeth and over the years had sort several options to improve the way they looked. There is a skeletal problem present and the ideal treatment was to have facial surgery and braces. However this was not an option for the patient as she was regularly in the public eye. This amazing result (which disguises the problem really well) was achieved with just four upper porcelain crowns and six intermediate composite veneers on the lower teeth.



Case 10

A mixture of 3 porcelain crowns and 3 porcelain veneers were placed on this patient’s top front teeth to restore all the worn away tooth structure. The patient’s bite had to be carefully analyzed and opened first in order to ensure the restorations would last and not be worn away as the natural teeth had been. This patient is also wearing a night guard as further protection.


"I am absolutely delighted with my new teeth and continue to get compliments on my appearance from people who know something has changed but can't quite work out what it is! A testimony to you skill to how natural-looking the end result is.

I also appreciated the professional way in which you took pains to ensure that we were both completely comfortable with each step of the process.

Thanks again."  Ruth