Some Common Questions Answered:

How do I get a second opinion?

Firstly, you need to decide if you really need a second opinion, or if you simply need your dentist to explain things more. If you still feel you want a second opinion, you can ask your current dentist for a referral, or for a list of other dentists they recommend. If you would rather not approach your dentist, you simply need to choose another.

We are always happy to provide a second opinion and you can either call us to make a consultation appointment or contact Angela directly by email or our Contact Us form on this website. It is always easier if you can bring your x-rays with you, but if not, we can certainly take new ones. We frequently provide this service and once patients completely understand their situation, they are free to return to their current dentist, become a patient of ours, or find a completely new dentist to attend.

My front teeth are chipped, what can be done?

Ragged edges and small chips/fractures can often be repaired using a bonding technique. This involves using a tooth coloured filling material to recreate lost tooth structure. Once complete, the result is virtually undetectable. In larger cases, veneers may be necessary.

My teeth are stained and yellow. Can they be safely whitened?

Yes, dental whitening is widely used now and very successful. Most people can achieve a white, bright smile with just 1 dental appointment or in 2-3 weeks if using take home trays.

There is no lasting damage done to the teeth and most people experience no problems at all. Occasionally some sensitivity may be felt, but this goes as soon as the whitening is complete.

Can I get rid of my black/silver fillings?

Yes, more and more people are now opting for white/tooth coloured fillings. You can either get the black fillings replaced as they need to be or get them changed all at once. There are many ways to restore these teeth so that the fillings almost disappear into the tooth.

My old fillings in the front have gone dark. What can be done?

Sometimes these fillings can be rejuvenated by simply repolishing their surface. Often times however, they require replacement in order to fully blend

I have a front tooth that has gone dark. Can this be whitened?

Yes, this is quite a common problem and is usually caused by a dead tooth which has darkened over time. Often this can very simply be improved using a whitening technique just on that tooth. The tooth does need to have had a root canal if it is dead however. Also if there is lots of filling in the tooth, a crown may be necessary.