Pets of the Practice

Pets of the Practice

McKeefry Dental spends a lot of time at work talking about our pets, either with our patients or over morning tea and lunch. Let us introduce them to you!

*Disclaimer: For all dental concerns regarding your pet – we suggest speaking to your kind caring vet.

Rachael and her cat ‘Teddy’ and her nephew ‘Douglas’ the Dachshund

Meet Ted. She is 9 months old, a rescue cat from the Kitten Inn. She is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but loves to hunt down presents to bring Rach in bed – lizards and cicadas are her favourite.

Douglas is our new edition to the house, he thinks he rules the roost but little does he know, the cat does!!! He’s six months old, learning lots of new tricks and commands – even if we’re not too sure if he is even sitting as he is so low to the ground!!! Our little sausage is pretty cute.

Jess’s cat ‘Murphy’

Jess got Murphy from the SPCA around 5 years ago. He was the friendliest cat at the SPCA but now he hides from strangers. Murphy was a hunter in his prime but now prefers his food to be served to him – making him a bit chubby, but very cuddly. Check out those fangs!

Sally and her dog ‘Nacho’ and her cat ‘Peewee’

Sally inherited Peewee from Cody as Peewee was his family cat growing up. They don’t know how old she is but think at least 16 years. She even went flatting with them during their Otago days! Peewee is enjoying her retirement in the trees of Karori.

Nacho is a Lakeland terrier who has just turned one. Nacho is quite a character and you may end up hearing Sally’s stories about him while you are undergoing your dental treatment, even if you don’t want to! He loves riding on the paddleboard in the summer and is very good at his obedience training. Nacho loves Peewee but she doesn’t love his boisterous puppyness.

Johanna and her dog ‘Emma’

Emma is just over one year old. She is a bichon crossed with a spoodle. Emma enjoys her food – she doesn’t have the same petite figure that Johanna has. Johanna has an allergy for walking so her husband Tom takes Emma for a walk every morning to help with the weight! Johanna enjoys her cuddles with Emma when she gets home from work.

Bev’s ‘Red’ and ‘Blackie’

These are Bev’s grandchildren’s pets so naturally she has a lot to do with them also! Red was born in London and last year Red made the big trip to continue living the good life in NZ with Thomas. Here she is at Otaki Beach. Blackie, was ‘selected very carefully’ and belongs to Bev’s grandson Edson.

Angela Kumeroa’s cat ‘Bula’

Angela got Bula 18 months ago for her son Zach from the SPCA when Bula was three years old. She is a very great companion for Zach and sleeps on his bed most nights. Bula got her name as Zach thought it was a great choice as they got her shortly after a trip to Fiji.

Angela McKeefry does not have any pets

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