New Patients

For all new patients we undertake a comprehensive full mouth examination at your very first appointment.  Please allow 45-60 minutes for this appointment, so that we have enough time to assess your dental needs.

At our practice we do things differently and we are very focused on risk assessment and prevention.  Our aim is to treat and maintain your teeth so they will outlast you.

At your initial appointment, we will perform a full assessment of:

  • Medical and dental history
  • The soft tissues
  • The jaw joints and bite
  • The gums and bone health
  • The teeth and existing restorations

A short series of digital diagnostic photographs may also be taken to document the ‘baseline’ condition of your mouth and at the end of the appointment you will be provided with a written estimate of all necessary and optional treatment.

Your First Appointment

Your initial appointment may require one or more of the following, and is all included in our one off fixed fee, discounted for all new patients. 

Our New Patient Special:  Was $390   Now $195.


  • Comprehensive Full Mouth Examination.  If you have current dental x-rays from your previous dentist, please bring them with you to this appointment
  • Standard Dental X-rays
  • Full Mouth Panoramic X-Ray encompassing all the jaw bones, joints and wisdom teeth
  • Complex Plan and Study Models (if required).  If you have more complex needs, such as aesthetic, occlusal or reconstructive requirements, we will need to collect extra information. This will be explained to you prior to doing anything extra and you will be able to have it done at this appointment or return another time.

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Click here to fill out our new patient form. Feel free to e-mail it back to us at or bring it in to the office at your first appointment.

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about our general and/or cosmetic dentistry services please Contact Us.