McKeefry Dental Level 4 & 3 Activities

McKeefry Dental Level 4 & 3 Activities

McKeefry Dental is back … well on Thursday we’re back to business! Level 2 here we come! We hope you haven’t missed us too much.
The team at McKeefry Dental can’t wait to get back to what we do best – looking after your dental needs and catching up with you all at the practice. We hope you have all survived well inside your bubbles over the past seven weeks.

During lockdown, we have figured out that we all have a new found talent in baking; Lynie has made a delicious lemon poppy seed cake, Rosana made a champagne breakfast, Rach made banana bread and Sally mastered her cake baking skills! Angela, Rach and Nat have channeled their creative genes; Angela has complete two amazing portrait paintings, Rach has drawn a Huia and made a dried floral wreath and Nat has shown us her incredible special effect makeup. Jess has made a ‘propagation station’ for her succulents. Sally welcomed a new nephew; cute wee Isaac. Sally’s dog Nacho made his break into the modelling world – modelling our fancy new head caps for work! Anne has been up-cycling furniture at her house. Considering none of us could leave the house, I think we’ve entertained ourselves well! We have attached a few photos of what we have each been up to…

We look forward to catching up with you all very soon.

Sally’s iso-life – a delicious and productive 7 weeks!

Angela’s bubble – a trip down memory lane too.. Angela had to show Nacho up with her modelling pic from back in the 90’s!

Rach’s iso – lots of local walking, drawing and many video chats with friends.

Lynie’s isolation – baking and her very cute dog, Junior

Jess’ bubble – propagating succulents and walks with her partners dog, Lexie

Anne’s productive bubble

Nat’s special effects bubble

Johanna’s gorgeous wee man, Emilio. He has grown so much! We can’t wait to have Johanna back at work too

Rosana’s bubble


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