Life as a dental assistant

As dental assistants, our role is not just handing instruments to your dentist as some may think; we support and work closely with your dentist to help provide you with the best experience possible. We can be a friendly face if you’re feeling nervous or need comfort about any treatment you may be receiving.

Jess and Johanna Dental Assistants | McKeefry Dental

Infection protection and control is a big part of our daily responsibilities. Our first job of the day is testing that the sterilising equipment is working correctly. We do this to ensure that the equipment is safe to put through any instruments used throughout the day.

When we set up the surgery, we make sure it is clean and tidy for the next patient. This firstly involves taking care of the used instruments from the patient previously and taking them to the sterilisation room. We then wipe down all surfaces and make sure the correct instruments and materials are out for the next service.

Being a dental assistant is fast-paced. We need to be ready for the procedure to change or the materials and equipment to be different than originally planned. We need to be good at time management and need to be organised and efficient to properly assist the dentist. It is also our responsibility to make sure the clinic is stocked for patients’ procedures and to manage any materials that need to be specially ordered in.

During your exam, you may hear your dentist calling out those funny codes. This is almost like a whole different language which we need to know about to help the dentist chart in your file. These could be anything from fillings, missing teeth, implants or any treatment required for the future.

If you’re due for a check-up or hygiene appointment, get in touch with our friendly team today. And just remember that we dental assistants are here to help!