Invisalign Treatment Solutions

With Invisalign clear braces a range of treatments solutions can be provided.  Whether you are suffering from:

  • Overcrowding of your teeth
  • Teeth spacing/gaps between your teeth
  • Protruding teeth/buck teeth
  • Non-central alignment of your front teeth (midline shift); or
  • Bite misalignment/overbite/bite correction

then Invisalign may be the ideal solution for you.

Depending on your particular case, McKeefry Dental can determine if the Invisalign treatment programme is appropriate for you.

Teeth Straightening with Invisalign

Invisalign gradually moves your teeth using a series of custom-made, removable braces.  At the start of your treatment we can show you, with our 3-D computer imaging technology your predicted new look.  That way, you can get a clear impression of the likely end result, and your improved new smile!

What's more, through straightening your teeth you can make a significant difference to having a healthier mouth and keeping your teeth for life.  Teeth not properly aligned in your mouth can lead to periodontal disease and create abnormal amounts of stress on teeth and jaws, which leads to premature wear.

Be assured, with Invisalign you are not only improving the look of your teeth; you are also improving the long-term life and health of your teeth.  All important steps in maintaining your long-term dental health and appearance.

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about our orthodontic service using Invisalign braces please Contact Us.