Invisalign for Teenagers

Invisalign clear braces may provide the optimum solution for teeth straightening for teenagers.

With our virtually invisible aligners, teenagers can have the confidence to improve the appearance of their smile, without the appearance of traditional metal braces and wires.

It's So Quick and Easy

Over the Invisalign treatment period you simply progress through a set of clear aligners, all specially designed to transition and realign your teeth.  Regular checkups at McKeefry Dental (approximately every six weeks) ensure the Invisalign treatment programme is working effectively for you.  Be assured, we keep a close watch on your results, and we will guide you through the entire process.

What’s more, with the Invisalign system there's no need to be concerned about the food and drink you eat, and food sticking to traditional metal braces.  At all meal and snack times you simply remove your aligners and replace them again after each meal.  Of course, we encourage you to clean your teeth prior to replacement, to ensure optimal dental health.

What's Different about Invisalign Teen?

The Invisalign Teen aligners are made with the same Invisalign technology as for adults.  The main benefit of Invisalign Teen is that the aligners specifically cater for young adults that still have their adult teeth emerging.  Some teenagers, who have all the adult teeth fully developed may end up receiving the same treatment as adult patients.


What's more, with the Teen aligners we’ve added some special features:

  • Blue compliance indicators, which fade from blue to clear as wear time progresses.  This helps you, your family, and McKeefry Dental gauge aligner wear time.
  • Special features designed for canines, second premolars, and second and third molar teeth.

Plus we provide six free individual replacement aligners just in case any get lost or misplaced throughout the treatment programme.

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about our orthodontic service using Invisalign Teen braces please Contact Us.