Invisalign | Our Process

Invisalign offers that latest approach for wearing clear invisible braces. And it’s a simple and easy treatment option.  There are four key stages to the treatment, which are detailed below:

The Initial Step

  • This includes an initial on-site consultation to discuss your alignment requirements and any other relevant treatment issues.  In this session we will discuss with you your treatment options including the suitability of using the Invisalign clear braces.
  • Once we have determined that the Invisalign system will suit your requirements, we will progress with detailing a full treatment plan, so that you clearly understand each step of the process and what is required by you.
  • Once you are comfortable with the proposed plan, we will progress with taking some initial impressions of your top and bottom teeth including some simple x-rays and photographs.  This is necessary to ensure we fully understand all aspects relating to your teeth and their positioning.  This information is also necessary for developing your set of clear customised aligners.

Viewing of Predicted Results

  • Approximately one month later we will schedule an appointment with you.  In this viewing session we can show you a virtual digital show of how your teeth and smile will progress over the treatment period. 
  • That way you get to view the proposed path as you progress through the treatment.  It also gives you the opportunity to ask any more specific questions about your Invisalign treatment.

Your Treatment Commences

  • At this stage, we arrange for your customised aligners to be manufactured.  This is completed offsite by a specialised Invisalign technician.
  • When we receive your aligners, we arrange an appointment for your first fitting.  This is the first in a series of fittings.  Approximately every six weeks you return and are fitted with your next progressive aligner.  Once your initial aligner is fitted, it’s important that you wear each aligner for 22 hours a day.  This is critical to the success of the Invisalign treatment.
  • Early on in the treatment, we also may bond a small tooth coloured fitting to your teeth to further support the realignment process.  These tooth fittings are small and tooth coloured to ensure minimum visibility. 
  • Throughout the treatment period, we also may slightly recontour your teeth to improve their shape and gain spacing if required.

End of Treatment

  • Once you have completed wearing the full set of Invisalign aligners we will review your teeth realignment results.  In most cases the predicted results will closely mirror your new beautiful smile.  However, if we feel further work is required we will discuss this with you, and proceed with a revised treatment plan to address any remaining areas of concern.
  • The very final step is fitting a retainer option for you to wear (often just a night-time retainer) to ensure you retain your beautiful new smile.

We have provided this information to give you a good outline of the overall process.  We can happily elaborate on any further points at your initial consultation. 

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about our orthodontic service using Invisalign braces please Contact Us.