Gum Recontouring

Improving the appearance of your smile may extend beyond just your teeth.  Sometimes your gums may have uneven or excessive tissue growth.  The latter is often known as a 'gummy smile'.

Laser like gum recontouring is the preferred treatment for such individuals.  It is a safe and cost-effective procedure that quickly corrects the appearance of the gum line through simply reshaping and removing excess tissue.

Key Facts

  • The procedure is quite straightforward and involves: a local anesthetic being applied to the gums, then a laser like device is guided to trim and shape the gum tissue
  • Following the procedure the gums may be tender for up to one week
  • Gum contouring uses the latest technology in cosmetic surgery
  • The laser like device immediately seals the tissue avoiding messy cutting or bleeding

This patient was unhappy with her general smile. Partly this was due to the unsymmetrical gum line. This was altered with gum recontouring and then intermediate composite veneers were placed on the front 6 teeth.


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