Full Term Braces | Our Process

With our Full Term Dental Braces there are four key stages of treatment; these are detailed below:

The Initial Step

This includes an initial on-site consultation to discuss your alignment requirements, your treatment options, and any other relevant treatment issues.  This appointment usually takes 15 – 30 mins. 

  • We will also explain to you the various treatment plans, so that you have some understanding of the process and what is required by you.
  • We will then take some initial impressions of your top and bottom teeth including some simple x-rays and photographs.  This will be done on-site at our practice.
  • In addition, we require an additional x-ray of your jaw and face.  This type of x-ray is undertaken off site.  These x-rays are necessary to ensure we fully understand all aspects relating to your teeth and their positioning.

Recommended Approach and Costings Provided

Once we have received and reviewed the x-ray of your jaw and face, we will arrange a follow up appointment.  At this session we will discuss: the approach we recommend, your treatment schedule, and likely outcomes.  We will also show you the predicted outlines of your front teeth.  At the end of this session we can provide you with estimate costs for your full treatment.

After this session you will be in a position to decide to proceed with the treatment or not.

Your Treatment Commences

  • Once you have approved to proceed, we will arrange aninitial appointment where we ascertain the size requirements for fitting your bands, brackets, and archwires.  This appointment usually takes 30 mins.
  • Your next appointment, approximately 1 week later, is for fitting your Full Term Dental Braces.  This appointment usually takes 2 – 3 hours. 
  • Future appointments are then scheduled, approximately every 6 - 8 weeks.  At each of your regular appointments we review progress to date, fit new wires, and assess any other mechanics that need to be instigated.  These appointments usually take 30 – 45 mins. 
  • Throughout your treatment period, we also may slightly recontour your teeth to improve their shape and gain spacing if required.

End of Treatment

  • Once you have completed wearing your Full Term Teeth Braces we will fit you with your required retainer/s.  
  • These retainer/s often just need to be worn at night, to ensure you retain the position of your teeth.  

We have provided this information to give you a good outline of the overall process.  We can happily elaborate on any further points at your initial consultation.  

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about our individualised orthodontic service using Full Term Dental Braces please Contact Us.