Overview and Benefits of our Full Term Teeth Braces

With the Progressive Individual Patients Orthodontics programme you can enjoy many benefits, including:

A Fully Customised Dental Solution

At McKeefry Dental we take the time to diagnose the exact requirements for your dental braces.  As part of our fully tailored solution, each tooth is individually assessed to determine the optimum bracket and overall archwire design for you. We know this level of attention is critical to determining your optimum treatment plan.

A Programme and Treatment Plan Designed Utilising Leading Computer-Generated Orthodontic Technology

At our practice we use the latest in orthodontic technology to create the optimal treatment plan.  With computer aided diagnosis, we can accurately predict your teeth's path to its final position, thereby shortening your treatment time and reducing unexpected tooth movements.

To ensure successful results, we analyse every detail before the treatment plan commences and we interpret potential problems before they happen.  Some of the technologies used in determining the appropriate treatment path include digital cephalometric analysis, model measuring, and visual treatment objectives.  What's more, our technicians can access over 150 treatment plan templates to determine the most optimal plan for you. 

Faster Treatment

A key element to our leading orthodontics approach is the Individual Patient (IP) Appliance® incorporated in to the Progressive treatment plan.  This is the first customised appliance system in the world and utilises an enhanced straight archwire technique.  
Your most advanced and customised IP Appliances include:

  • Brackets specific to each tooth and custom welded bands.
  • Archwires selected specifically for your facial characteristics and required tooth movement patterns.
  • Long acting nickel-titanium springs and wires which extend the time between treatment visits.  
Treatment with the IP Appliance® has been shown to be at least 6 months faster than the current straight archwire appliance treatment.  However, it's important to note that treatment time varies significantly by severity, age, and anatomy.  We can give you a guide on your likely treatment time at your initial consultation.

Greater Comfort

Since your braces and wires are customised to you, one of the key benefits you will experience include less wire changes, reduced pain, and irritation.

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