Dental Sealants

At McKeefry Dental we offer the full range of general dentistry services including dental sealants.

Dental Sealants, also known as tooth sealants, provide additional protection against tooth decay.  They are usually applied to children's permanent teeth, which typically emerge when a child is 5 - 14 years old.

Tooth fissure sealants can be applied to just a few select teeth, or to a broader area, which often is the molars and back teeth.

By coating the teeth with a protective sealant, it significantly reduces any likelihood of tooth decay.  Long-term it may also reduce any extensive treatment required as an adult.

Teeth sealants can be applied in a single treatment.

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about dental sealants and/or our general dentistry services please Contact Us.