Continuing Dental Care

At McKeefry Dental we strongly regard continuing dental care and regular maintenance visits as an important aspect of maintaining long-term dental health.

We tailor your care programme to best suit your situation, including: your teeth and gum health, and past dental treatments.

Some of our patients with high dental care needs visit the dentist or dental hygienist every 3 months.  Others with near perfect mouths may only require a dental check-up every 2 years.

In general, most people have regular care appointments, usually every 3, 6, or 12 months.

All customer records are maintained and updated on our in-house computer system.  To assist you with keeping your appointments, we send out friendly appointment reminders - it's all part of our commitment to providing an ongoing and regular dental care programme.

If you would like to arrange your initial consultation or you wish to understand more about our dental care and/or our general dentistry services please Contact Us.